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About Us

Hello! My name is Nila and I create handmade dolls and toys.

I fell in love with this craft since I was a child.

At young age I was cutting my mother's jackets into pieces to make dresses for dolls (which my mom wasn't very happy about of course).


Unfortunately, later when I grew older, I had to abandon this hobby and only about seven years ago I made a decision to return to creating handmade toys which changed my life since then.


My second attempt started as a leisure activity and I never intended my creations to be anything more than simple decorations for my family’s house.

But gradually as my crafting skills started to improve, I noticed than people are paying attention to my work, especially to my dolls.


I decided to post my creations on the internet and received huge amounts of flattering feedback.

Subsequently with help of my loving husband I managed to set up a small family business which was like a dream coming to life.


And now thousands of my dolls are bringing happiness to people all around the world.

I am hoping that you, dear visitor, will find something that would bring warmth and joy to your heart in my shop today!